The concept for Ashtanga Yoga came from my friend, Amy Cheung. She also did all of the artwork. Jonas Rådahl took care of the text for each pose along with the audio.

Can't remember the name of that pose where you cross the ankles, with the feet and hips suspended off the floor, your compact body dangling between your arms? Or forget what comes after that?

Well, we have the perfect tool  for you. With fun and cute images, the App supports the beginner's practice by providing the sequence of postures, key points and all the basics of the Ashtanga practice. Even teachers would appreciate it!

While it takes discipline and dedication to practice Ashtanga Yoga, this unique app is designed to remind you to smile, have fun and enjoy the flow of the practice.


  • Learn sanskrit pronunciation of poses.
  • Key points.
  • Benefits of each pose.
  • Pose Modifications.
  • Contraindications for poses.

Get Your Groove On!

Have any questions, comments, or problems with Ashtanga Yoga let me know.

Ashtanga Yoga is now available on the iPhone App Store for $1.99.

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