DMXRef is designed to take the math out of working with DMX. DMXRef includes DIP switch and auto addressing functions, conversion between local and global addresses, and Dimmer Doubler decoding.

Specific Features:

  • Convert DMX addresses to DIP switch settings for both primary DIP switch methodologies.
  • Convert DIP switch settings of both primary DIP switch methodologies to DMX addresses.
  • Store a list of DIP switch settings for later entry to DMX devices.
  • Determine the addresses of multiple DMX devices with the same footprint at once, even across universes.
  • Convert addresses within a universe, or local address (i.e. 2/1), to global addresses (i.e. 513).
  • Determine the universe and address, or local address, of a given global DMX address.
  • Get the actual DMX address (i.e. 257) for a given Dimmer Doubler (i.e. 1B).
  • Combined text area for all functions for easy editing and printing.

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DMXRef is now available on the Mac App Store for $7.99.

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